Professional quality Li-Ion charger for up to 14 Li-Ion battery cells

Update: April 1, 2023

Mascot AS offers its next-generation high-quality and high-performance lithium-ion battery charger for the new 4040LI model. The model uses a three-stage charging profile with a microcontroller to maximise battery performance. The new charger can also wake up deeply discharged batteries and soft-start charging with low current until voltage is normalised.

This model is ideal for various applications from medical to the consumer. Owners of the new charger will appreciate optimised uptime and turnaround for battery-powered equipment, including medical devices, telecom, energy storage and power-assisted e-Mobility products. The charger is medically certified according to EN 60601-1 ed. 3.2 and Home Healthcare EN 60601-1-11. It is also UL-approved and has 12 standard versions initially offered for charging batteries from three cells (9A/12.6V) to 14 cells (2A/58.8V). Custom units are provided upon request as well.

Alternative chargers terminating the charge on reaching the battery’s threshold voltage can shorten charging time but always leave some capacity unfilled. The device’s three-stage charging first restores the full 4.2V/cell battery voltage and then applies the saturation charge required to fill the battery fully. This ensures the longest possible battery run-time, and charging finishes when the battery is full. The charger also provides a single three-colour LED indicator light for charge, error- or standby status, and a wall-mount bracket is available.