Q2 memory price to fall further

DRAM prices are projected to fall 13~18%; NAND Flash is expected to fall between 8~13%.

Q2 memory price to fall further

The  drop in DRAM prices was mostly attributed to high inventory levels of DDR4 and LPDDR5 as PC DRAM, server DRAM, and mobile DRAM collectively account for over 85% of DRAM consumption. Meanwhile, the market share for DDR5 remains relatively low.

The ASP of PC DRAM is expected to decrease by 15~20% in 2Q23.

The for server DRAM will remain between 15~20%.

The ASP decline of mobile DRAM to expand to 13~18% in 2Q23.

NAND Flash is primarily affected by enterprise SSD and UFS which account for over 50% of total NAND Flash consumption.

The Q2 ASP decline of enterprise SSDs will be 10~15%.

The Q2  ASP decline of UFS will be 10~15%.

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