Revolutionary new GaN-based OBC reference design for EV applications

Update: March 29, 2023

GaN Systems has released a new GaN-based 11kW/800V OBC reference design that provides 36% higher power density and up to 15% lower BOM cost than SiC transistors.

Using GaN transistors in an 800V OBC is a revolutionary innovation setting this 11kW/800V solution apart from competitors. The OBC incorporates a three-level flying capacitor topology for a bridgeless totem-pole PFC structure and dual active bridge in the AC/DC and DC-DC, providing outstanding power density and a lower BOM cost, respectively. The GaN transistors, in the three-level topology with exceptional switching performance, lower the Transistor voltage stress to half and enable the economical 650V GaN to be utilised in this and many other 800V applications.

GaN power semiconductors improve the efficiency of the OBC by lowering switching losses and power dissipation throughout operation. This enhanced efficiency decreases power losses during EV charging, making the OBC more energy-efficient and cost-effective. For instance, the solution’s higher efficiency decreases the complexity and cost of the cooling system design. The compact and extremely efficient design assists in reducing the overall size and weight of the OBC, releasing space and weight that can be allocated to other areas of the EV design.

“The GaN-powered 800V on-board charger reference design is a major advance that will accelerate GaN adoption in the automotive sector,” said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems. “Our new cutting-edge design delivers extraordinary gains in efficiency, power density, cost, thermals, and CO2 footprint reduction to deliver a game-changing solution for our automotive customers.”