RF chip attenuators from DC to 20GHz

The AT Series is available in various styles from DC-6 GHz for lower frequency requirements up to DC-20 GHz for the broadband requirements of higher frequency commercial high-volume applications.

RF chip attenuators from DC to 20GHz

It provides attenuation accuracy and flatness by maintaining an efficient RF power transmission. It offers a proven, robust, thick film construction in a cost effective, easy to implement solution.

The attenuators come already fine-tuned to meet performance specifications, eliminating any fine-tuning, or reworking that would have to be done by the customer.

The devices offer the following features:

§ Thick film process technology on an alumina substrate
§ Surface mount configuration
§ High-volume delivery on tape and reel
§ Compact and light weight
§ Repeatable VSWR
§ RoHS compliance