Robust auto multi-gigabit connector system

Update: March 23, 2023

Amphenol Commercial Ve-NET Auto Multi-Gigabit Connector System, available now from Mouser can transmit from 1000Mb/s to 10Gb/s according to 1000BASE-T1, 10GBASE-T1, and 50GBASE-CR. This connector system employs a shielded twisted pair/shielded parallel pair cable to transmit data, and the complete system is produced according to USCAR-2, LV214, and Ethernet specifications.

The system makes an audible click when mated to avoid mismating. Contact pin damage is avoided by the mechanical and robust design. The robust crimp design with a primary and secondary lock assures application flexibility. The system is provided in multiple sealed and non-sealed configurations.

Typical applications include body control units, zone control units, LiDAR, radar, rear seat entertainment, camera systems, ADAS, and infotainment systems.