RS open-sources environmental sensor kit hardware

RS open-sources environmental sensor kit hardware

“The aims of the OSHWA are to foster technological knowledge and encourage research that is accessible, collaborative and respects user freedom,” according to RS. “OSHWA certification recognises that the kit meets a uniform and well-defined standard for open-source compliance.”

RS open-sources environmental sensor kit hardware

ESDK is a cloud-connected platform for prototyping custom sensor-based products.

It has “supported DesignSpark members in designing projects such as the ‘Breathe better bear’ and ‘The good air canary’ for air quality measurement”. said RS. “ESDK can also be deployed in scenarios including IoT applications that have a need for a small Linux computer with an integrated touchscreen and GPS.”

At one end is a PCB carrying a raspberry Pi, a touch Screen, physical buttons, a real-time clock and a power supply for the sensors. There are multiple sensor boards, each with a matching connector on two opposite sides to allow them to be daisy-chained in short or long strings. Data is passed back and forth via I2C or GPIOs.

Electronics Weekly has asked which Raspberry Pi, and if the case in the provided picture is part of the kit.

According to the GitHub repository:  the licences are: Solderpad Hardware License v 2.1 – “you may not use this file except in compliance with the license, or, at your option, the Apache License version 2.0”, said RS. Software is RS copyright and provided under MIT License. Documentation is RS copyright and provide under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

ESDK GitHub repository

OSHWA website

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