SanRex DF30AA160 In-Stock

SanRex  DF30AA160  In-Stock





#DF30AA160 SanRex DF30AA160 New output DC current is 30Amp (Tc=117°C) Repetitive peak reverse voltage isup to 1,600V , DF30AA160 pictures, DF30AA160 price, #DF30AA160 supplier


Power Diode Module DF30AAis designed for three phase full wave rectification, whichhas six diodes connected in a three phase bridge configuration. The mounting base of themodule is electrically isolated from semiconductor elements for simple heatsinkconstruction output DC current is 30Amp (Tc=117°C) Repetitive peak reverse voltage isup to 1,600V.
●Isolated Mounting Base
●High reliability by unique glass passivation
●Easy Assemble by the #250 terminal Tab
AC. DC Motor Drive/AVR/Switching
―for three phase rectification
■Maximum Ratings
Repetitive Peak Reverse voltage VRRM 1600V
Non-Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRSM 1700V
Output current (D.C.) Id Three phase. full wave. TC=117°C 30A
Surge Forward Current IFSM 1 cycle, 50/60HZ, peak value, non-repetitive 270/300A
Junction Temperature Tj -40 to+150°C
Storage Temperature Tstg-40 to +125°C
Isolation Breakdown Voltage(R.M.S.)VISO Main Terminal to case 1minute 2500V
Mounting Recommended Value 2.5-3.9(25-40) 4.7(48) N.m
Mass Weight Typical Value 90g

The SanRex DF30AA160 is a Semiconductor device that falls into the category of a diode module. It is manufactured by SanRex Corporation, a renowned company specializing in power electronics components.

The DF30AA160 diode module is designed to handle high voltage and current requirements in industrial and commercial applications. It consists of two individual diodes connected in an anti-parallel configuration within a single module package.

One notable feature of the DF30AA160 is its high voltage rating. It can withstand a maximum voltage of 1600 volts, making it suitable for applications that require robust voltage handling capabilities. The module is designed to efficiently handle high-power electrical loads and ensure reliable performance under demanding conditions.

The DF30AA160 diode module is constructed using high-quality materials and advanced Semiconductor technology. This results in low forward voltage drop and excellent switching characteristics, enabling efficient power conversion and control.

With its compact and rugged design, the DF30AA160 is easy to install and integrate into various systems. It offers enhanced thermal management, ensuring reliable operation even in high-temperature environments.

The applications of the DF30AA160 diode module are diverse and can be found in various industries such as power electronics, motor drives, rectification circuits, and renewable energy systems. Its reliable performance, high voltage rating, and robust construction make it well-suited for demanding applications that require efficient power conversion and control.