SatADSL, MT partner on satellite comms for maritime sector

SatADSL, MT partner on satellite comms for maritime sectorUnder the terms of the agreement, MT will use SatADSL’s neXat platform to both provide capacity over Africa and deliver advanced maritime services worldwide.

The partnership includes reliable, real-time ground-based connectivity, says SatADSL, and internet connections to cruises and ferries, secure connectivity options for merchant marine vessels and high-level bandwidth for yachts.

“Through neXat, teleport operators like MT can enhance the native capability of any satellite hub, offering multiple kinds of bandwidth management and optimization services independently of the implemented technology at their hubs, such as contended or volume-based access and VNOFlex capacity,” said SatADSL’s SVP of Business Development, Guillermo Bosc.

“neXat also enables teleports to reach out to a broader range of ISPs, helping them to enhance their network performance capabilities.”

For its part, SatADSL says the company will benefit from Milano Teleport’s expertise in the maritime marketplace and from the capacity and technology it has available at its facilities in Lacchiarella, Milan, Italy.

In July 2021, SatADSL signed up with the Los Angeles-based Orbital Connect to target the African and North American fixed VSAT markets. Orbital Connect will also use neXat – described as a “a cloud services Platform as a Service (Paas)” – to deliver satellite connectivity to under-served areas.

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