Semi sourcing to stay constricted

Update: March 7, 2023

Texas Instruments has projected its biggest sales slowdown in three years, with a decline in demand across several end markets. However, demand from the automotive industry remains robust.

On January 6th 2023, There was a fire at the Welnew Microelectronics plant. They are a sub-tier supplier to several Semiconductor manufacturers, including Infineon and Vishay.

Commodities affected are mosfets, RF small signal and LED drivers. It’s expected that replacement production lines will be completed and ready by May this year.


Texas Instruments – lead times are stable with RF products increasing. They are prioritizing capacity for military projects, so end-customer information is key for the procurement team when negotiating. They have also invested $30bn in 4 fabs, 2 are already underway, with the first to be in production 2025.

Xilinx – again lead times are stable but in parts increasing. Focusing on the product ranges we have historically supplied, please note price increases for both XC6 & XC7 series, with lead times stretching to 2027 for XC6’s.

ADI – Lead times are stable, varying from 40-90 weeks depending on the product. As previously mentioned, the automotive series is struggling the most with AD decommiting the order book on a number of occasions.

Microchip – on the whole a stable lead times, with connectivity products mixed, some are increasing and some decreasing. Their memory range is suffering for increased lead times.

ST, are stabilising lead times, with the exception of their transceiver and receiver’s products due to capacity restraints.