Semtech adds to PerSe proximity sensors

Semtech has expanded its PerSe product portfolio with the release of a sensing human proximity sensor for smartphones.

The PerSe Connect SX9376 enables designers to optimize RF performance, enhance connectivity and support elevated compliance with global specific absorption rate (SAR) standards for 5G-enabled consumer devices.

Semtech adds to PerSe proximity sensors

PerSe sensors enable automatic adjustment of system level RF emissions allows connected devices – smartphones, tablets, hotspots, and laptops – to operate at peak performance while maintaining compliance.

As OEMs add more RF antennas into the design to address the frequency increase, additional antennas can make it challenging for OEMs to address global SAR compliance and accurately manage the device’s RF power.

Semtech’s SX9376 has a maximum of 8 sensor inputs to support multiple antennas and simplify the sensor design without compromising performance and regulation.

Key benefits of the SX9376 in smartphones:

  • · Semtech PerSe Connect 9376 enables optimization of system RF performance to enhance connectivity and support global SAR compliance
  • · A maximum of eight sensor inputs to support multiple antennas
  • · Best-in-class sensing performance with high-resolution analog front end (AFE) down to 0.74aF
  • · Extreme versatility to support antenna designs with up to 600 pF capacitance
  • · Superior robustness with advanced temperature correction to minimize false triggers caused by noise and temperature
  • · Single-chip, fully integrated solution to support all SAR sensing needs

Learn more about Semtech’s PerSe portfolio here.

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