Series of books published covering EMC and its implications

Update: May 6, 2023

RECOM has published the latest in its series of ‘Books of Knowledge’ aimed at EMC. Written by the company’s innovation manager, Steve Roberts, and EMC engineering team leader, Josefine Lametschwandtner, the book is subtitled ‘Practical Tips for the User’. Following on from the DC-DC and AC/DC Books of Knowledge already produced, the ‘user’ is anyone concerned with the design or application of power converters. However, the content has relevance to electromagnetic compatibility in electronics generally.

Written in a conversational and readily accessible style by experts, the book is wide-ranging, beginning with the basic concepts of electric and magnetic fields and how they arise and propagate from the volts and amps in practical circuitry. The book then discusses the analysis and modelling of components that affect EMC, coupling effects, transmission lines, and noise reduction techniques. Practical considerations of PCB layout and filter design are included, and a section is dedicated to EMC standards and their applicability, levels, and classes. The important subject of power factor correction has its own chapter, and the book finishes with a useful guide to measurement techniques and equipment. An extensive glossary of terms supplies a useful reference for readers.

RECOM’s innovation manager, Steve Roberts, MSc, comments: “Our DC-DC and AC/DC Books of Knowledge have proved to be very popular. Now, covering EMC, our latest publication in the series provides a valuable reference source for our customers and the community of power converter designers and users.”

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