Small loudspeakers are IPx5, IPx7 or IPx8 rated

Small loudspeakers are IPx5, IPx7 or IPx8 rated

“Ideal for protection against moisture and liquid ingress in harsh environments,” according to the company, “the CMS waterproof speaker models feature sound pressure levels from 85 to 108 dB and packages from 15mm up to 57mm, with profiles as low as 2.5 mm.”

In total, there are 24 new parts, two of them round (57 dia x 15.5mm and 40 dia x 21mm) and the rest rectangular (15 x 8 x 3mm to 35 x 20.6 x 6.25mm) – almost all of the rectangular types are IP8x-rated.

Amongst these are types with solder pad or spring contacts, and PEEK, PEI or PET cones.

Magnets are neodymium magnets and resonant frequencies range across 180 to 1,200Hz, nominal inputs from 800mW to 3W, and impedance 4 or 8Ω.

Picking the 16 x 9 x 3mm CMS-160903-18SP-X8 almost at random, typically it can handle 1W, has 8Ω impedance, resonates at 950Hz and delivers 95dB SPL (2.83Vrms 1.5kHz) – check the data sheet for the caveats.

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