SMD and radial PPTC fuses electrical resistance increases in case of overload

Whether surface mountable or radial, YAGEO provides economically interesting PPTC fuses available from Rutronik. Amongst other things, they vary in terms of the maximum voltage the application may withstand at rated current without damage. The special feature of these fuses is that their electrical resistance increases in case of overload due to self-heating so that the current becomes relatively small. Resettable fuses can trip a number of times because the component (after interrupting the circuit and cooling down) becomes low-resistance again on its own and can, therefore, continue to be used. The diverse specifications make them a dependable solution for applications in auxiliary power supply, industrial, smart meters, security monitoring, telecommunications, and the protection of USB and other connections.

The SMD variants provide resettable miniature overcurrent protection with a holding current IHOLD of up to 7A and a maximum voltage of 24V, 30V, 48V, or 60V. They respond quickly to fault current and low profile, whose compact design permits more space on the PCB. The SMD fuses are RoHS compliant, lead and halogen-free, certified to UL/CULE482628, RoHS2011/65/EU TUV B160696048001, and DIN EN 14582:2007. They are also compatible with high-temperature soldering processes.

The radially wired, resettable fuses allow overcurrent protection with a holding current IHOLD of up to 14 A. This series is suited for applications with higher operating voltages of 16V, 30V, 60V, 130V, 250V, or 500V due to its high-voltage overvoltage capability. These fuses also function reliably at temperatures of -40C to +85C. They can be stored almost indefinitely at 30C room temperature and a maximum humidity of 85% (MSL1, according to J-STD-020). Their flame-retardant epoxy polymer insulation material meets the requirements of UL94 V-0. Also, they are provided in lead-free versions.

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