ST module integrates GNSS with NB-IOT data communications

Update: August 11, 2023

The programmable, certified LTE Cat NB2 NB-IoT industrial modules cover worldwide cellular frequency bands and integrate advanced security features.

Offered in accordance with the latest 3GPP Release 15, the ST87M01 provides extended multi-regional LTE coverage.

The integrated native GNSS receiver with multi-constellation access ensures enhanced and accurate localization along with optimized power savings features while operating during NB-IoT sleep time slots.

The module itself and all the internal ICs are entirely conceived, designed, and industrialised by ST.

The module  measures 10.6mm x 12.8mm.

It is qualified over the industrial temperature range (-40°Cto +85℃), with power consumption less than 2µA in low-power mode and transmit output power up to +23dBm..

The module lets users embed their own code directly  for simple applications. Alternatively, the module can be combined with a separate host microcontroller, permitting more sophisticated use cases.

A variety of protocol stacks is available to handle popular IoT use cases, including IPv6, TCP/UDP, CoAP/LWM2M, MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS and TLS/DTLS.

The device supports both standardised 3GPP AT commands and ST enhanced AT commands.

The modules  integrate an  ST4SIM embedded SIM (eSIM), certified according to the latest industry standards, such as the recent GSMA eSA (Security Assurance) certification, that enhances asset miniaturisation and security. There is also an embedded secure element (eSE)

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