Stackpole resistors future-proofed for RoHS update

Since the RoHS directive went into effect on July 1, 2006, most thick film chip resistors have complied with the directive through exemption 7(c)-I, which allows for “…lead in a glass or ceramic…or in a glass or ceramic matrix compound.” 

While this exemption has been renewed in subsequent revisions to the RoHS directive, it is not clear what will happen with this exemption when the current RoHS directive is next updated. Stackpole resistors future-proofed for RoHS update

Stackpole’s RMEF series is a general purpose thick film chip Resistor that does not rely on the 7(c)-1 exemption in order to be RoHS compliant. 

It is available in sizes from 0201 through 2512 and offers resistance values from 1 ohm to 10M in 1% and 5% tolerances. 

Many popular values of the RMEF series in the 0402-1206 sizes are now available from stock.  Pricing for the RMEF varies with size and tolerance and ranges from $0.002 to $0.04 each in full reel quantities.  

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