Stathera raises $15m Series A

The round was co-led by BDC Capital’s Deep Tech Venture Fund and Celesta Capital, with additional participation from strategic investors including MediaTek, Seiko Epson, and TXC.

Stathera raises $15m Series A

“Technology scaling using conventional timing architectures has hit a wall when it comes to synchronizing next-generation electronics. Stathera’s technology introduces a new approach to integrating and manufacturing timing devices,” says CEO  and co-founder George Xereas,  “we are excited to be the only company with state-of-the-art DualModeTM frequency technology, which has the potential to re-architect the entire $9.4 billion electronics timing industry.”

Stathera has entered into a commercial collaboration agreement with Doosan and  pursuing partnerships with MediaTek, as well as quartz timing specialist TXC.

Stathera intends to use the proceeds from the Series A funding to fully commercialize its DualModeTM GEN1 MEMS timing product line, increasing production capacity in the months ahead to meet anticipated customer demand.

In parallel, Stathera plans to invest heavily in the advancement of its GEN2 high-performance technology, which claims to bring an improvement of one order of magnitude over legacy MEMS timing solutions.

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