Super-junction mosfets for fly-back converters

Super-junction mosfets for fly-back converters

The transistors are part of the company’s MDmesh K6 series, which it claims have the best Rds(on) x area for similar 800V devices, and enhance several parameters to minimise power losses: “it is especially suited to applications such as LED drivers and HID lamps, as well as adapters, and power supplies for flat-panel displays.

Total gate charge (Qg) is claimed to be low – which ST backs-up with a typical figure of 25.9nC  for the 220mΩ (max) 16A STP80N240K6, which comes in a TO-220 through-hole package.

This is the first K6 device in production, with the rest of the portfolio, ranging across 22omΩ to 4.5Ω, in full production by January 2022 – also adding DPAK and TO-220FP packaging.

Gate threshold is reduced compared with its K5 generation, reducing drive voltage need and therefore power loss, mainly for zero-watt stand-by use. Vgs for the STP80N240K6 is 3 – 4V (Vds = Vgs, Id = 100µA) with 3.5V typical.

An integrated ESD protection diode moves the mosfets up to Human Body Model (HBM) Class 2.

The MDmesh K6 product page is here