Surface-mount power resistors reach 2W in 1020 size

Surface-mount power resistors reach 2W in 1020 size

These are the same size as the company’s similarly-sized parts without the ‘X’ suffix, but can handle more power – ‘X’ stands for extra high power. The earlier (non-X) 0612 and 1020 can handle 0.5W and 1W respectively.

“Ideal for power supply and motion control applications, these resistors feature inverse geometry with the terminations on the long sides,” according to the company. “This gives the resistors high thermal contact with the PCB and low thermal impedance – it is possible to support two to three times conventional power ratings for the same footprint.”

As an example, WHPC1020X handles 2W continuously with 80mm2 of copper, 0612X needs 60mm2 and the 0508X needs 50mm2.

Construction is by screen printing thick-film electrodes, resistive material, over-glaze and organic protection on an alumina substrate.

For leach-resistance and solderability, wrap-around terminations have an electroplated nickel barrier and matt tin plating.

The three new WHPC chip resistors are AEC-Q200 qualified and come in values spanning 1Ω to 1MΩ with tolerances down to 0.5%.

Operation is over -55 to +155°C with derating over 70°C linearly down to zero at +155°C.

The WHPC data sheet is here