TNC designs to micro-coax offer flexible and secure options for small applications

Update: March 18, 2023

Amphenol RF has expanded its TNC products with further front-mount bulkhead jacks created to accommodate flexible ultraminiature coax cable types. These RF interconnects deliver excellent electrical performance up to 9GHz with some ruggedised designs supplying waterproof IP67 sealed protection in unmated condition. These connectors are ideal for applications with space constraints in the IoT, wireless and industrial space.

These connectors are created with brass bodies and hardware that are nickel plated, together with brass and beryllium copper contacts that are gold-plated. Their front mount configuration makes them tamper-resistant, which is valuable in systems located outdoors or in harsh environments. These connectors are ideal for WiFi 6, outdoor and remote antennas and smart application connectivity.

TNC connectors are miniature threaded interfaces that may be used in various technologies due to their size and durability. The threaded coupling mechanism ensures the connector does not de-couple in vibration-intense situations. This series is also offered in various adapter and cable assembly options.