UK start-ups: More investment for Agile Analog of Cambridge

UK start-ups: More investment for Agile Analog of Cambridge

“In-Q-Tel invests in companies from the start-up community which have the potential to strengthen the security of the US and its allies,” according to Agile. “Agile Analog’s physical security products play a crucial role in the prevention of hardware attacks which are intended to spoof targets, by-pass password protection, clone system IP or disable target devices.”

“IQT is excited about Agile Analog’s security IP in the SoCs as a potential mitigation to side-channel attacks and other threats to which consumer devices are exposed,” added In-Q-Tel London office MD Nathaniel Puffer.

Agile’s claim is that is has IP that can be quickly optimised for different Semiconductor foundries and processes geometries.

Relevant to the In-Q-Tel deal, it has glitch detection IP, plus security monitoring, plus security system IP blocks under development, scheduled to be available by the first half of 2022. “In-Q-Tel’s investment will enable Agile Analog to scale up its recruitment of engineering staff and accelerate the pace of security product development,” it said. Adding staff was also its mission after Agile closed a $19m funding round in May.

“Agile Analog will also benefit from In-Q-Tel’s partnerships and knowledge in the security field, helping us to engage with  those that need hardware protection of connected devices,” said Agile CEO Tim Ramsdale (pictured).


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