Ultra-compact IEC appliance inlet with line filter saves valuable interior space

Schurter has launched its 5121 filtered appliance inlet. The new, compact filter series provides an IEC C14 inlet with Capacitors and a completely enclosed steel housing that reliably protects against high-frequency interference conducted via cables or radiated interference.

Particularly suited for applications with shallow installation depth, the new filter series suppresses the equipment’s high-frequency interference at the mains input. In contrast, other extra low-frequency filter components, including chokes and capacitors, may be placed elsewhere on the PCB. It provides a version for flange mounting and snap-in mounting. The flange is supplied with plastic upon metal or metal only. The snap-in version provides snap arms. Securing the metal flange to the chassis with metal screws or a snap-in version with snap arms assures optimal shielding at the panel opening, which lessens the coupling effect and the radio frequency’s ability to travel. The snap arms also deliver a clean and neat look utilising less panel space and installation time.

The series is offered in standard and medical M80 versions, making it ideal for laboratory, industrial, medical, telecom, audio/video, and office equipment. It is safety agency approved by ENEC, CQC, and cURus for currents up to 10A/250VAC according to IEC and up to 15A at 125/250VAC according to UL and CSA. The operating temperature range is -25C to 85C. Provided with flexible wires for ease of installation, the series is also V-Lock power cord compatible.