USB power designs certified to send and receive 140W

“The new ICs extend the range of a universal charger to 140W,” according to STMicroelectronics, which has created the ICs and the designs. “Now, a single ac-dc adaptor can charge equipment such as computers, smart-home actuators, power tools and e-bikes, as well as traditional smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.”

  • USB power designs certified to send and receive 140WST-ONEHP is the source-side IC, which has an Arm Cortex M0+ core, an off-line programmable controller with synchronous rectification, a dielectric isolation barrier and a USB PD PHY in a single SSOP36 leaded package. It is supplied pre-loaded with certified USB PD 3.1 EPR firmware (USB PD 3.1 is the spec that introduces EPR). The IC is intended to control zero voltage switched non-complementary active clamp fly-back converters, and is paired with the company’s MasterGaN1 power stage on the design (generic application circuit right) which, said ST, can exceed 25W/in3 and peak at 94% efficiency.
  • REF_STUSB140W is the sink, built around a STUSB1602 analogue front-end IC and an STM32 MCU with a dedicated software stack. “The design supports protocol fine tuning,” said ST.

The designs have not been revealed to the public yet, and evaluation boards are scheduled for Q2.

There is some ST-ONEHP (the source) information here