Zoom camera suits drones, underwater vehicles and mobile robots

Zoom camera suits drones, underwater vehicles and mobile robots

Measuring 50 x 60 x 90mm, FCB-EV9520L is built around the company’s 2Mpixel Starvis 2 1/2.8in colour image sensor.

It supports 1080p (HD) 60Hz and can have a 64° horizontal viewing angle. Interfacing is over LVDS.

“Thanks to the cell structure employed, this camera block delivers elevated levels of sensitivity,” claimed Sony. “The photodiode layer in each cell is much deeper than for conventional optoelectronic arrangements, resulting in extended light path length and accentuating the absorption efficiency of longer wavelengths.”

As well as having near-infra-red sensitivity, it can work down to 0.009 lx, “or even 0.00008 lx when IR cut-filter removal is activated”, it said.

Simultaneously zoom and focus is implemented, with an algorithm minimising de-focusing. Image stabilisation is another feature. “When in Super mode, it can produce high-quality video content even when exposed to intense vibrations,” claimed Sony. “By having a wide correction area, blur is better suppressed.” Super+ mode supports full resolution as well as stabilisation.

Intended to be a successor to the earlier FCB-EV7520/A, the new camera has been designed for surveillance, medical and off-line inspection equipment. Use is also foreseen infrastructure inspection, livestock monitoring, aquaculture, aerial drones, underwater remotely-operated vehicles and automated mobile robots.

Find more information ion the FCB-EV9520L camera here

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