Enhanced signal analyser supports efficient tests of pulse radar Tx characteristics

Anritsu Company now offers its new Pulse Radar Measurement Function MX284059B software option for the Signal Analyser MS2840A. As well as providing new functions to the previous MX284059A, this release also supports new interlocked control of the USB Peak Power sensor MA24406A/18A/40A for automatic high-accuracy transmission (Tx) power and pulse-width measurements. As well as aiding pulse-radar field maintenance tests, these new functions reduce production-line test times for more efficient line throughput.

Inspection of the Tx characteristics is crucial for stable pulse-radar operation and traditionally needs multiple test instruments, including a separate spectrum analyser, oscilloscope, power meter, and frequency counter. Also, when testing Tx spurious emissions, field engineers have to create spectrum emission masks (pass/fail baselines) utilising results from many pieces of test instruments, which is time-consuming. Furthermore, more private weather forecasting businesses are installing high-performance pulse radar essential for monitoring increasingly frequent severe weather, such as sudden downpours and linear rainbands producing heavy rain and flooding. Consequently, the demand for pulse-radar maintenance testing is also growing. However, the lack of experienced field engineers may need to be more capable of meeting this rising test demand, which produces a need for automated shorter field tests utilising readily portable test instruments.

The MX284059B is configured effortlessly in combination with the MS2840A and MA24406A/18A/40A to support tests of Tx characteristics and replaces the four traditionally needed pieces of test instruments. Also, all test stages, from data acquisition to spectrum emission mask creation, are fully automated.

The device has a wider pulse-width measurement range for testing high-performance radar compared to its predecessor. It incorporates aerospace and maritime applications using short pulses and long-range radar using long-repetition cycles (long pulses).

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