Push-in wiring for industrial switches and indicator lights

Push-in wiring for industrial switches and indicator lights

“By comparison with traditional screw-in connectors, the devices reduce wiring times, making them ideal for new and refurbished control panels and machine builds,” according to Live. “The push-in products ensure reliable connections that withstand shock and vibration, yet are quick and simple to release.”

Part of IDEC’s YW Series, which also includes screw terminal components, the push-in-termination range includes emergency stop (E-stop) buttons, push switches, rotary switches, panel indicators and pilot lights.

On the back-side, the internal locking clamp is designed to engage solid conductors or ferruled stranded conductors as they are pushed home and then gently tugged. Release is achieved by inserting a small screwdriver blade to depress an electrically-insulated receiver (orange in the photo).

Connectivity test points (holes near the orange receivers) allow electrical checks with a standard multimeter, and cables exit at an angle to ease wiring runs.

Whilst internal contact ratings vary, the limiting values of the connection system are 600V and 10A.

Live Electronics was established in 2007 and is a distributor of rugged electronics and electromechanical components, based in Lincolnshire.

Clicking here will download a YW Series data sheet from Live Elecronics

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