Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit packs 32 sensor modules

Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit packs 32 sensor modules

It includes a Pi Pico (optionally), 32 sensor modules, a smart car kit (including basic frame and wheels) and information about 32 Raspberry Pi Pico projects.

Example projects that can built include a billboard display of text (right), pulsing LED lighting, an electronic clock, a plant doctor, obstacle avoidance for motion, and traffic lights….

Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit packs 32 sensor modules“The Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit is an excellent tool for anyone looking to enhance their critical thinking, hands-on ability, and innovation skills,” the company writes. With this kit, you will be able to create different scenarios and explore a wide variety of applications. Our kit includes a Pi Pico based on the official RP2040 chip, 32 sensor modules, 1 smart car kit, and 32 Raspberry Pi Pico projects.”

“With these components, you can complete several interesting and practical projects that will stimulate your thinking and creativity. Whether you are a student, teacher, or hardware enthusiast, our Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit is an excellent investment. It offers an excellent opportunity to follow the smart car into a new stage of programming.”

Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit packs 32 sensor modules

There are three pricing options: the kit without a Pico is priced at $37.99, with a Pico at $42.99, and with a Pico W (with its wireless support) at $45.99.

Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit packs 32 sensor modulesMore information about the Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit can be found online.

ELECROW, based in Shenzen, specialises in open-source hardware products, smart home devices, and educational products, as well as PCB customisation and laser cutting.

Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit list

The full package list for the kit is below:

  • 1x Raspberry Pi Pico with Pin headers – optional
  • 2x 400 holes Solerless Breadboard
  • 10x Colorful 5MM LEDS:1pcs each in green,red,blue,yellow and white
  • 1x RGB module
  • 1x Button
  • 1x Sound Sensor
  • 1x Mini PIR motion sensor
  • 1x Photoresistor Module
  • 1x Laser Transmitter
  • 1x Passive buzzer
  • 1x Vibration Sensor
  • 1x Mini magnetic spring module
  • 1x Soil moisture sensor
  • 1x Rotary Potentiometer
  • 1x DC motor with male Dupont Wire + fan blade x 1
  • 1x 9G servo
  • 1x Dual-axis XY Joystick Module
  • 1x RC522 RFID Module
  • 1x 4 Bits Digital LED Display Module
  • 1x Traffic Light Display Module
  • 1x Rotary Encoder Module
  • 1x 1602 LCD Display Module(Blue)
  • 1x Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • 1x Raindrops Module
  • 1x Flame Sensor
  • 1x OLED Module
  • 1x Membrane Switch Keyboard
  • 1x Smart car Kit
  • 2x Crash Sensor
  • 2x Tracking sensor
  • 1x Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1x Infrared remote control
  • 1x Infrared receiver module
    1x Micro USB Cable(30cm)
  • 1x 170 holes Solerless Breadboard
  • 1x 65 Jumper Wire
  • 1x 20CM Male to Female Dupont Wire
  • 1x Clear Case
  • 2x M2.5*30mm Copper Pillar
  • 10x Phillips Pan Head Screw
  • 10x M2.5 Nickel Hex nuts
  • 1x 2 INCH dual-purpose screwdriver
  • 1x Magnet(Diameter:8mm Thickness:5mm)
  • 1x DC stepper motor driver board

Pico board

Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit packs 32 sensor modulesThe RP2040 was developed in 2021 by the Raspberry Pi Foundation – its first microcontroller-class product – and the Pi Pico built on it as a standalone board option for embedded development or as companion piece to your Raspberry Pi computer, perhaps serving first steps with a microcontroller.

The Raspberry Pi Pico W – introduced in July 2022, priced at $6 (right) – brought IoT support to the Pico platform with 802.11n wireless networking, while retaining complete pin compatibility with its older sibling.

It has dual 133MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ cores and 264kbyte of on-chip ram, but no on-chip flash – instead it connects with off-chip flash through a QSPI serial bus.

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