Reclocker redriver IC for USB 3.2 over 15m cables

Update: August 12, 2023

“Adding electronic components to applications across automotive, industrial and consumer industries has spurred the need for far-reaching USB cabling products,” according to the company.

EQCO510 is the automotive version, qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 2 and operates across -40 to +105°C. EQCO5X31 is the similar industrial part which works over -40 to +85°C.

Up to 5Gbit/s can be sent in both directions, and the reclocking includes bit-level clock-data recovery to restore signal timing and squash jitter accumulation.

Redriving restores the levels and shape of the signal driven into the next cable, which can be shielded twisted pair or coax, or PCB trace.

No crystal nor external clock is required, and cable compensation is automatically applied across 0 to 20dB in 1dB steps. Signal path integrity is evaluated at run-time.

One EQCO5X31 at each end of a cable can extend a cable carrying both USB 2.0 and USB 3.2 to 5m, or only USB 3.2 to 16m.

A single EQCO5X31 in the middle of a cable can extend a USB 3.2 link to 6m, and two fo them spaced in the length of a cable can push this to 21m – see the data sheet for more.

Packaging is 4mm 20pad QFN with wettable flanks.

Applications are foreseen in infotainment, data communication modules and video systems, machine vision, gaming accessories and smart cables.

There are two evaluation modules: EVB-EQCO5X31 USB Type-C cable extender and EVB-EQCO5X31 USB Type-C cable repeater – both can demonstrate long cable use.

The product page for EQCO510 and EQCO5X31 can be found here, and the  EQCO5X31 data sheet can be found here


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