Samsung to build packaging development centre in Japan

Samsung is said to be  looking for a subsidy from the Japanese government of  $74 million to support the project.

The investment follows the recent moves of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and President Yoon Suk-yeol to de-thaw frosty diplomatic relations between their two countries.

And it  follows the Chip 4 initiative between Samsung to build packaging development centre in Japanthe USA, Taiwan, Korea and Japan to collaborate on Semiconductor technology development, aimed at locking China out of the global chip supply chain..

With Japan investing some $40 billion in Rapidus to get to 2nm technology helped by IBM and Imec, the country is being seen as a serious player in advanced semiconductor process technology once again and the IC industry’s  increasing emphasis on using chiplets as a route to further integration makes the collaboration important to the revival of Japan’s chip industry.

For Korea, Japan remains an important source of chip manufacturing equipment and materials.

Samsung’s new Yokohama facility will have  several hundred employees and plans to start operations in 2025.

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