Samsung, TSMC and Globalfoundries join imec’s SSTS programme

Launched in 2021, the SSTS program rallies stakeholders from across the Semiconductor industry – including systems companies, (equipment) suppliers, and now also three of the world’s leading semiconductor foundries – to help reduce the ecological impact of the IC value chain.

Samsung, TSMC and Globalfoundries join imec’s  SSTS programme

In response to mounting concerns about climate change, tech companies around the world are accelerating the efforts to complete carbon neutrality for their supply chains and products. The semiconductor industry recognizes its pivotal role in this endeavor.

Studies have found, for instance, that almost 75percent of mobile devices’ CO2 emissions can be traced back to the underlying manufacturing process – with chip production being responsible for nearly half of that footprint. Against this backdrop, the SSTS program provides detailed information on the environmental impact of choices made during semiconductor technology’s definition phase.

“SSTS’ success hinges on the active involvement of players from across the IC value chain,” says imec CEO Luc Van den hove, “hence, I am delighted to announce that GlobalFoundries, Samsung Electronics, and TSMC, have now entered the program. Following the earlier enrollment of renowned systems companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta and Microsoft, our new core program partner Rapidus, and equipment suppliers including Applied Materials, ASML, Edwards, Kurita, SCREEN and Tokyo Electron, we have reached an important milestone in effectively bringing together the entire semiconductor ecosystem.”

“We are constantly looking for new ways to minimise our impact on the environment,” says GloFo’s Stacey Barrick, “this includes enhancing manufacturing emission controls, further improving energy efficiency, sourcing renewable and lower-carbon energy, and engaging through key partnerships including imec’s SSTS program.”

“Being one of the world’s top foundries and memory supplier, we want to lead the way in developing innovative technologies that ensure the preservation of our planet for generations to come. Teaming up with imec and the other SSTS partners allows us to translate this commitment into tangible actions,” says Samsung evp Dooguen Song.

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