Video class support added to software for embedded systems

SEGGER has added video class support to its professional USB-Host software for embedded systems, emUSB-Host

The software provides PC-like, plug-and-play support: Once a device is connected, it just works without the user’s need for any action. A USB camera/webcam can be readily connected to any embedded system equipped with a USB-Host port – from a simple, single-chip system and up.

An embedded system employs less power than other alternatives, such as small computers. It can also be more cost-effective, particularly when needed in large numbers.

“Wherever you use an embedded system, you can now easily add video to it,” says Dirk Akemann, marketing manager at SEGGER. “Because it is simple to connect a camera, it is now possible to quickly construct systems that process videos. For example, for a car, this could be a dashcam recorder, with a family of devices offering monochrome, colour, and varying resolutions, using emFile to write to an SD card. In process automation, it could be an optical inspection system for quality assurance.”