Custom-designed industrial bespoke monitor solutions

CDS provide bespoke product design with rapid prototyping for a cost-effective solution which users can fully customise. The company prides itself on being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything bespoke, offering custom monitor design; customised LCD TFT panels and interfacing solutions; bespoke cover glass manufacture, custom touch Screen development; optical bonding; industrial panel PCs to user’s specification; and much more.

The company offers a ‘monitor builder’ webpage where users can design their own industrial bespoke monitors. Answer a few questions, and the company can propose the best possible solution. If there is yet to be one readily available on the market, they will work on a custom design bespoke to you.

The company has had many years of experience in bespoke monitor design, having designed for and supplied some of the world’s most renowned brands and companies. They have worked on numerous projects for customers globally, providing custom monitor designs and engineering solutions.

Custom display solutions can be seen across many applications and industries, including marine, aerospace, industrial, process control, manufacturing, broadcasting, healthcare and many more applications and market sectors. Its wide base of experiences placing top-quality displays across industries has given them a particularly in-depth understanding of the display market and an understanding of the necessities unique to each sector and application.

Options are nearly endless, supplying its global customer base with monitors that include or require such specifics as ultra-wide viewing angles, ultra-high bright, custom cover glass/cover-lens, specific inputs, specific power requirements, custom housing and materials, logo integration, specific touchscreen requirements, built-in temperature sensor, light sensing capability to change screen brightness, and other customer-specific specifications.

They have even integrated the customers’ proprietary PC or communications board to accomplish a custom solution that surpassed customer expectations.

Whatever a customer’s requirement, its design engineering and support teams can ensure the smooth running and delivery of their bespoke industrial specification and end product.