3.5kW ac-dc PSU for world-wide three-phase connection

3.5kW ac-dc PSU for world-wide three-phase connection

Called HCA3500TF, the input range is 180 to 528Vac (for nominal 200V and 400V grids), and efficiency is up to 94% (400Vac in, 65V out) – the company puts the latter down to its digitally-controlled switching topology, and internal silicon carbide mosfets and diodes.

There are two versions to offer a nominal choice of 48Vdc 73A or 65Vdc 54A output.

Both are adjustable.

The 48V version can span 33.6 to 55.2V using the built-in potentiometer, or 24 to 55.2V using is trimming function.

For the 65V version, the values are 45.5 to 74.75V by potentiometer or 32.5 to 74.75V by remote trimming.

For more current, up to 10 can be paralleled to deliver up to 31.5kW.

There is also a 12V 1A auxiliary output, which can be used for am external remote on-off circuit. This output is isolated from the input, the output and the functional ground.

Cooling is by conduction from the unit’s aluminium thermal transfer plate, which is intended to be attached to a cold-wall or water-cooled baseplate. With the transfer plate between 0 and +55°C, operation is across ambients from -10 to +70°C, with derating under some conditions.

Complete with cover, the design comes in at 110 x 65 (1.5U) x 420mm and 5kg.

Protections include: in-rush current limiting, over-current, over-voltage and thermal.

The included input filter and complies with the FCC Part15 class A, VCCI class A, CISPR11 class A, CISPR32 class A, EN55011-A and EN55032-A.

Isolations are ~ 4.2kVac input to output, 2.8kVac input to functional ground and 2kVac output to functional ground.

For compliance with IEC62368-1, leakage is at 3mA at rated load, 480Vac, 60Hz.

Safety compliance is to UL62368-1, EN62368-1, C-UL (equivalent to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.62368-1), and additional compliances include RoHS and Low voltage directives, and CE and UKCA marking.

Warranty is five years, and use is expected in measurement equipment, analysis equipment, machine tools, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The 65V model particularly suits RF power amplifiers and 60V lithium-ion battery charges, said Cosel.

HCA3500TF web page

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