Arm64 instruction set simulator for Embedded Studio

Arm64 instruction set simulator for Embedded Studio

This follows the recently added compiler, linker, and runtime support for Arm64, which made it possible to generate and debug Arm64 programs.

“Due to its complexity, Arm64 was the first architecture we ever introduced that did not have a simulator from the outset,” said Segger founder Rolf Segger. “We make a point of having simulators for all supported architectures, and Arm64 is no longer an exception.”

Simulators can be used when hardware is scarce, before it is available, when programming away from the lab, and for automated testing.

Also, “a simulator is a great tool for an engineer or student to use to become familiar with a new architecture,” claimed company marketing manager Dirk Akemann. “Download, install and go, all in a matter of minutes.” – For evaluation, educational and non-commercial purposes, the software can be used free-of-charge with no code size, feature or duration restrictions.

Embedded Studio is available on Linux, macOS and Windows platforms.

Segger is a privately held company in North Rhine-Westphalia Germany, founded by Rolf Segger in 1992. It also has US offices in Boston and Silicon Valley, and in Shanghai and the UK.

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