CML adds to SµRF family

These are the latest additions to CML’s SµRF product family and continue CML’s push into the higher frequency ranges of mmWave.

CML adds to SµRF family</

Both the CMX90B701 and the CMX90B702 offer an optimal balance between output power, linearity, and noise with a typical P1dB output figure of +7.5 dBm, an IP3 output of +17.5 dBm and a noise figure of 4 dB.

Thanks to an innovative dual-bias mode, these low-current devices can be set to operate at either 10mA or 15mA from a single positive supply rail ranging between 3 and 5 V.

The high maximum operating temperature of the gain blocks, (105 °C), enables them to be used in wireless infrastructure and compact transceiver applications.

“With input and output ports matched to 50Ω, these devices can be easily plugged into the RF system with minimal external components and offer an optimal balance between low power consumption and performance,” says CML’s Arwyn Roberts.

Employing GaAs pHEMT technology, the gain blocks are ideally suited to applications such as 5G mmWave infrastructure, Ka-band satcom and microwave backhaul, where dynamic market conditions demand mass-market, cost-effective solutions.

The CMX90B701 and CMX90B702 are the latest products to leverage CML’s significant investment in high frequency RFIC/MMIC design capability, adding to the rapidly expanding SµRF portfolio, which includes a range of PAs, LNAs, Gain Blocks and FEMs, all based on GaAs and GaN technologies.

For more information:  CML Microcircuits website.

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