Dual output 40V DC/DC step-down regulator

Update: March 26, 2023
ADI has introduced a  dual output DC/DC μModule regulator with patented silicon, layout, and packaging innovations. Operating from up to 40V input, the LTM8080’s front-end is a high efficiency synchronous Silent Switcher step-down regulator followed by two separate low noise, low dropout (LDO) regulators. To further suppress switching noise, the LTM8080’s packaging integrates an EMI barrier wall or shield.Dual output 40V DC/DC step-down regulator The result is low noise values of <1µVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz), 2nV/√Hz (10kHz) spot noise, and 80dB PSRR (100kHz). Compared to discrete solutions without an EMI shield, the LTM8080 reduces output ripple voltage by up to 70% for a simplified and quiet design. The LTM8080 is specifically designed to power digital loads that are susceptible to switching regulator noise such as data converters, RF transmitters, FPGA I/O and clock, op amps, transceivers, and medical scanners.
  • · Download data sheet, order samples and evaluation boards: https://www.analog.com/LTM8080
  • · Watch a video to learn more about the LTM8080μModule regulator: https://www.analog.com/en/education/education-library/videos/6322084180112.html
  • · Connect with engineers and ADI power product experts on EngineerZone™, an online technical support community: https://ez.analog.com/power/

The LTM8080 µModule regulator’s integrated Silent Switcher architecture minimises EMI emissions and enables the device to pass CISPR22 Class B and CISPR25 Class 5 without an input filter. The adjustable switching frequency (200kHz to 2MHz) and selectable operation modes minimise the risk of frequency interference for very low noise instrumentation and high speed/high precision signal chain applications. LTM8080 Additional Features:

  • · Dual 500mA or Single 1A Output Current
  • · Output Voltages: 0V to 8V
  • · voltage Tracking Function to Minimise Power Loss
  • · 100μA SET Pin Current with ±1% Initial Accuracy
  • · Parallelable for Lower Noise and Higher Current

Pricing and Availability    

Price Each Per 1,000
Now $12.83 9mm x 6.25mm x 3.32mm BGA
LTM8080IY#PBF Now $14.11 9mm x 6.25mm x 3.32mm BGA