Harwin puts on extra custom cable capacity

Harwin puts on extra custom cable capacity

“Growing customer demand has led to the need for ramping up cable assembly,” the company told Electronics Weekly. “More capacity has been added to address this through additional jigs, and electrical testing capabilities have been doubled, while wire cutting and stripping procedures are being made more efficient through purchasing further machinery.”

A centrifuge has been installed to remove air bubbles from potting compound prior to back-potting, to reduce the number of potting touch-ups required – potting is used to  increase cable retention in challenging operation conditions.

Custom cable assembly comes under Harwin’s recently-announced ‘HRi’ (high-reliability interconnect) business unit, which handles connectors including the company’s 1.25mm-pitch Gecko, 2mm-pitch Datamate, 3mm-pitch M300, and high-power Kona families, as well as its Mix-Tek combined power and data connectors.

Coax and twisted pair cabling is offered, as is shield braiding to combat EMI, and the assembly facility is compliant with IPC-A-620.

Quantities can span very small orders for prototype work, all the way to production.

“Among the applications where they will be used are robotics, UAVs, AGVs, satellites and medical equipment,” said Harwin.

Headquartered in Portsmouth, Harwin has been manufacturing connectors in the UK for 70 years.