Nikkei: Japanese automakers suspend production due to part shortage

Update: March 1, 2023

Feb. 28, 2023 /SemiMedia/ — According to Nikkei reports, Honda said that due to the shortage of automotive semiconductors, the impact of the epidemic and logistics delays, it is expected that the production of its Yorii plant in Saitama Prefecture will be reduced by 10% in March compared to the plan.

The report pointed out that the above-mentioned plant had already reduced production by 10% in February. In addition, Honda’s Suzuka plant also cut production by 10% in February, and production capacity will resume in early March.

In addition to Honda, Toyota also plans to suspend some production lines at the Motomachi plant in March. In addition, Suzuki Motor Corporation said a few days ago that it will suspend the operations of the Kosai Plant and the Sagara Plant in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan due to supply problems such as semiconductors.

Nikkei pointed to the rising number of semiconductors needed per vehicle as automakers ramp up production, boosting demand for chips in the auto industry. The supply of power semiconductors for current control and analog semiconductors for power management will remain tight through 2023.