Onboard rack supports 19" electronics for railway applications

Update: April 14, 2023

Foremost Electronics now offers the new nVent SCHROFF On Board Rack (OBR). The product is an excellent solution for installing electronic systems on trains, trucks, ships and other vehicles in up to 19″ (84 TE) and 36 TE enclosures, with a compact and lightweight resolution for a secure, durable and reliable mounting needed.

Manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and welded to satisfy AWS and EN 15085 (CL2), the racks are developed to resist the tough environmental conditions in vehicles and deal with permanent vibration, shock, high temperatures and humidity.

The racks are provided in heights of 3, 6 or 9U for one, two, or three SNCF sub-racks (NF F 61-005 and NF F 60-002), each supported by a set of slide rails. The rear panel is created to accept standard connectors, and the crossbars can be custom coded with holes positioned to accept coding pins or SNCF sub-racks.

The OBR has a modular design and can be floor or ceiling mounted for extra installation flexibility. Multiple racks may be stacked on each other or side-by-side to accommodate various electronic systems.

The enclosure is open on all sides with a crossbar which may be custom coded to only accept correct sub-racks and provides an integrated cable bar which simplifies cable organisation with cable ties and offers further stability.

The rack is available in 3U x 36 HP, 6U x 36 HP and 9U x 36 HP sizes as standard, manufactured per welding certification EN 15085 (CL2), designed according to NF F 61-005 and CF 61-002 and designed to meet EN 61373.

Dave Martin, business development director at Foremost Electronics, says: “The new nVent SCHROFF On Board Rack is ideally suited to meet the needs of the present upgrades of railway rolling stock to provide additional communication facilities for both operator and customer as well as the growing need for system information and advanced signalling. It offers a no-compromise chassis for electronic systems in any vehicle intended for use in rugged environments.”

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