Thermoelectric coolers as small as 1.6mm

Update: August 11, 2023
Thermoelectric coolers as small as 1.6mm

Called the OptoTEC MBX series, they are designed for lidar systems in autonomous vehicles, telecom pluggable optical transceivers and indium phosphide VCSELs.

Two solder constructions are available to accommodate reflow temperatures up to 230°C or 280°C.

Lead attachments are typically wire bondable – gold-plated pads or wire-bondable posts are options.

Special finishing is also an option, to incorporate gold-plated patterns on ceramic substrates, pre-tinning of metalised surfaces and thermistor attachment.

High heat pumping densities up to 27W/cm2 are available within the series.

“New cooling applications in the optoelectronic market are pushing the process technology boundaries of thermoelectric coolers,” said Laird product director Andrew Dereka. We have “built a new line from the ground up, dedicated to the MBX series, that has high volume capacity with precision process control and repeatability.”

Telcordia GR-468 CORE qualification testing is under way.

A minimal MBX series product page, sans data sheet link, can be found here

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