Mini-LED technology enhances display design

Update: August 11, 2023

GTK’s mini-LEDs are smaller versions of conventional LEDs that can emit light in displays. They are virtually an advancement in LED design instead of fully new technology but can be employed to excellent effect and present advantages over conventional LED displays.

The reduced footprint of mini-LEDs signifies that more can be fitted into the available space. A mini-LED may be as small as 100 microns in size.

One of the main benefits of mini-LED is enhanced dimming zones, which allow greater contrast (100,000:1) and deeper blacks. This is because each mini-LED is individually controlled, permitting more control over the brightness and colour of distinct Screen areas.

Another benefit of this technology is more significant control of blooming, which concerns the halo effect that arises around bright light sources in an image.

Typical applications for mini-LED technology currently would be high-end products where high contrast, lower power and performance is needed. Typical applications for this technology include automotive, AV, outdoor signage and medical products.

This fast-developing technology delivers significant advantages over conventional LEDs and is something OEMs should be aware of for future new product designs. This is a serious alternative to AMOLED technology, which has been deemed the “king of all display technology” for many years.