New chipset for 5G mobile devices launched

Semtech Corporation has expanded its PerSe product portfolio with a new IC purpose-built for 5G mobile devices. Its PerSe technology senses human proximity and allows end devices such as smartphones to implement advanced RF control. The PerSe Connect SX9376 will enable designers to optimise RF performance, improve connectivity and support elevated compliance with global SAR standards for 5G-enabled consumer devices.

The company’s intelligent sensors deliver always-on and highly responsive consumer experiences. The capacity to adjust system-level RF emissions automatically permits connected devices – smartphones, tablets, hotspots, and laptops – to function at peak performance while retaining compliance. Leading OEMs design the company’s chips into their devices to provide excellent consumer experiences via superior device performance, battery life, regulatory compliance and user safety.

“As the evolution of the consumer device market continues to accelerate, OEMs will continue to deliver connected devices that take advantage of the best available technologies to deliver the highest levels of performance, connectivity, and battery life that consumers demand,” said David Wong, senior director of consumer sensing products for Semtech’s Advanced Protection and Sensing Products Group. “For ten years and counting, OEMs have been adopting our PerSe technology into their products so that they can be sure their devices deliver the best performance while also maintaining SAR compliance.”

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