Oxford Quantum Circuits to expand in Japan

Six year-old OQC developed its core technology at Oxford University. It uses low-temperature superconducting circuits.

OQC’s CEO, Ilana Wisby (pictured) says she sees Oxford Quantum Circuits to expand in Japanopportunities to offer quantum computing to many more organisations in Japan.

Two years ago, IBM made a 27 qubit quantum computer available to Japanese organisations.

OQC has joined up with US data centre company Equinix for its overseas expansion.

Oxford Quantum Circuits to expand in JapanOQC’s investors include the early stage investor fund  University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (UTEC) . 

Last year IBM announced it had a 433 qubit quantum computer called Osprey which succeeded Eagle – a 127 qubit computer announced in 2021. Next year IBM intends to announce a 1000 qubit computer called Condor and then it moves to Heron in 2025 – which adopts a modular structure to deliver a 4000 qubit machine.

Pride of place, at the moment, goes to the 5000 qubit quantum computer of the Jülich Computing Centre.