Infineon FF300R12MS4 In-Stock

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Infineon FF300R12MS4 In-Stock

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Infineon FF300R12MS4 is a high-power IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module that handle up to 1200 volts and 300 amps of current. It designed for use in industrial applications that require high reliability and efficiency, such as renewable energy systems, power supplies, & motor drives.

FF300R12MS4 is built with advanced IGBT technology that provides high switching speeds & low on-state losses, resulting in reduced power dissipation & improved system efficiency. FF300R12MS4 features a built-in temperature sensor and overcurrent protection, it ensures safe and reliable operation even under harsh operating conditions.

Infineon FF300R12MS4 Features

Maximum Rated Values

Collector-emitter voltage VCES 1200 V at Tvj = 25°C

Continuous DC collector current ICnom 300A at TC = 60°C, Tvj max = 150°C

Repetitive peak collector current ICRM 600 A at tP = 1 ms

Total power dissipation Ptot 1950 W at TC = 25°C, Tvj max = 150°C

Gate-emitter peak voltage VGES +/-20 V Temperature under switching conditions Tvj op -40 to 125 °C

Power dissipation P25 20.0 mW at TC = 25°C

B-value B25/50 3375 K, calculated using R2 = R25 exp [B25/50(1/T2 – 1/(298.15 K))]