1.2V SPI NOR flash in 64Mbit, with other sizes to come

1.2V SPI NOR flash in 64Mbit, with other sizes to come

Called the GD25UF series, they run from 1.14V-1.26V and “provide for a simpler power system architecture, and for direct interfacing between the I/O pins of the SoC or processor and the GD25UF device”, according to the company.

The 64Mbit GD25UF64E is in production in 3 x 4mm SOP8 packaging, 4 x 4mm USON8, WLCSP or known-good-die.

The 128Mbit GD25UF128E is sampling, and 32 and 256Mbit are in the pipeline.

A low-power mode allows operation up to 50MHz. Below this frequency, active read is possible at 0.4mA. Deep power-down takes this to 100nA.

In fast read mode, operation is up to 120MHz and data transfer at up to 480Mbits/s.

There is also a ‘low EMI’ mode, operating at 60MHz over a double transfer-rate (DTR) quad I/O interface, whihc also offers 480Mbit/s data transfer while minimising clock-generated noise, said GigaDevice.

Operation is over -40 to +85°C.

“Users of chips manufactured at advanced process nodes require low-voltage flash memory products
that are optimised for the applications that they support, such as IoT devices, mobile phones, PCs, laptops and consumer devices,” said GigaDevice marketing director Syed Hussain.

The GD25UF64E product page can be found here